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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dishcloth of the Damned

A one page strip produced for the Fat Chunk zombie anthology.

Based on a true story with artwork by another Wrong-un, Nelson Evergreen.


  1. Wow!!!

    Love this guys!

    The artwork and script are just so captivating, I can almost see it on yellowish paper with the delicious aroma of U.S. newsprint as favored by Warren magazines circa 1970.

    All in all it's erm... totally other and totally WRONG.

  2. Very good and thoroughly nasty too!

  3. Fab! I think I have that very dishcloth...

    Oh, and Peter, I know what you mean about the yellowing paper. I actually found it odd reading the Blazing Combat reprint book because the pages are such a crisp white!