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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Odd Ball by Norman Felchle and Alex Sheikman

My name is Alex Sheikman and I am the writer and artist of a comic book called "Robotika" from Archaia Studios Press. So far I have completed the first two volumes that have been collected as "Robotika" and "Robotika: For A Few Rubles More". In a few weeks, one of my short stories will be featured in "Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard" #1.

In between working on Robotika I have completed a number of short stories, mostly working with friends without any spec from any company. Presented below is a story written by a good friend, Norman Felchle, who not only created the idea and did the script, but also did the initial lay-outs (and colored the cover). We always saw this as a type of horror "Twillight Zone" set-up, telling all sorts of stories about people who find themselves invited to the Odd Ball...

If you have enjoyed the story, please do stop by my blog and check-out my postings. I have been working in a sketchbook, in which I try to complete one drawing a sitting. I call them "One-a-Day" and try to update the blog every few days. My blog is: "http://www.sheikman.blogspot.com"

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Work of genius

Wrong is really for new stories - which btw may either be posted up on this blog or on the creators' own sites with a taster and a link here - you choose. But today I just have to flag up a Creepy classic that Peter Richardson, a Founder Wronger, has got on his brilliant Cloud 109 blog. It's "The Spirit of the Thing" by the incomparable Ditko, who is one of the godfathers - if not the Godfather - of what we're trying to do here. So just this once.

Monday, 12 April 2010

"A Wrong Turning" by Morris & McKenna

Just to start the ball rolling, here's one we did earlier. It's not finished so a bit of a cheat putting it up, but I didn't want the cupboard to look utterly bare and uninviting.