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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Work of genius

Wrong is really for new stories - which btw may either be posted up on this blog or on the creators' own sites with a taster and a link here - you choose. But today I just have to flag up a Creepy classic that Peter Richardson, a Founder Wronger, has got on his brilliant Cloud 109 blog. It's "The Spirit of the Thing" by the incomparable Ditko, who is one of the godfathers - if not the Godfather - of what we're trying to do here. So just this once.


  1. Actually taking that amazing intro panel out of context really does make you appreciate how incredibly atmospheric that drawing is with it's Expressionistic angles and low light source transforming the shadow of the lodger into a truly menacing presence.

  2. Yes indeed. It's possible to get so engrossed in the flow of a Ditko story that one misses the brilliance of individual panels like that.